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Modeling the Network

(This is a description of a particular model, a simple Excel model I use for my own business development. I explain it, mostly in words, but with a couple of graphs and a bit of math. If you want to … Continue reading

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Open-Book Modeling

Models are often built as black boxes. A user can explore the dynamics of the model, trying different actions and viewing the results. But the internals are hidden: the user cannot see how his actions produce the results.

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Optimization Destroys Value

In 2009, Michael Dougherty and I created Mass Enrollment, an interactive simulation of the process of signing up illegal immigrants for an amnesty, should Congress pass a law granting immigration benefits to illegal immigrants. Mass Enrollment had a user interface, … Continue reading

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Forio Simulate

I have used many modeling and simulation tools. I even worked for a tool vendor once, 15 years ago: Powersim. But lately my favorite tool is Forio Simulate. Why Simulate? Three reasons.

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