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Dave Bridgeland and I worked together over a period of about 20 months on a project that became known as Future Border. The objective was to develop a simulation model of irregular migration entering the European Union through the EU’s sea and land borders, for use by government policy makers. While Dave had had very little prior exposure to migration, during a three day initial brain-storming session he quickly grasped the basic concepts and linkages of what is commonly referred to as the “push-pull” factors of migration. This enabled Dave to develop a series of causal-link diagrams that formed the basic outline for the modeling and software development. Over the next 15 months Dave led the development team in first developing and then refining the model. During this time he demonstrated good judgement in defining the parameters of the projects as well as in deciding on which aspects of irregular migration and the government responses were to be included.

As a product, Future Borders contained over 180 variables that influence the volumes of persons attempting to migrate to Europe in an irregular manner, the elements that caused smugglers to target certain frontiers and the policy options available to governments to counter the flows. When demonstrated to the EU’s border agency, Frontex, and loaded with historical data, Future Borders accurately portrayed the movement changes that had actually occurred when governments had adopted different policy regimes.

Future Borders was a great project to work on and Dave was excellent colleague to work with.

William R. Lundy, Canadian Foreign Service (Rtd)