Buyer decision support

At Hanging Steel Productions, we create buyer decision support apps, applications that help buyers make better decisions. Continue reading

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Modeling the network

(This is a description of a particular model, a simple Excel model I use for my own business development. I explain it, mostly in words, but with a couple of graphs and a bit of math. If you want to skip the math, feel free; I think it is understandable without. If you want the model itself, let me know, and I will send it to you, as well as explain how to use it.)

Do you network enough? Does a friend have a great opportunity for you today, an opportunity you never learn about because you have not talked to that friend in six months, and your friend never thought about you? How many opportunities are you missing every week, every month, every year, because you are not talking to people you know? Continue reading

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Open-book modeling

Models are often built as black boxes. A user can explore the dynamics of the model, trying different actions and viewing the results. But the internals are hidden: the user cannot see how his actions produce the results. Continue reading

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Optimization destroys value

In 2009, Michael Dougherty and I created Mass Enrollment, an interactive simulation of the process of signing up illegal immigrants for an amnesty, should Congress pass a law granting immigration benefits to illegal immigrants. Continue reading

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Forio Simulate

I have used many modeling and simulation tools. I even worked for a tool vendor once, 15 years ago: Powersim. But lately my favorite tool is Forio Simulate. Continue reading

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