Our Work

Hanging Steel Productions has worked with some great clients. Take a look at a few of our projects:


Estimating the Value of a Collection of Internal R&D Projects for a Large Athletic Shoe Maker

Creating an Interactive Simulation of the Fracking Process to Quantify the Value of Controlling it using the Client’s Software for a Project Control Software Company

Understanding Dynamics of Forced Migration for a Large Research University

Estimating the Value of Early Discharge of Some Patients to a Rapid Recovery Center for Mainstreet Investments

Illustrating how Value is Created by Pipeline Analytics for OneBridge Solutions

Measuring the Benefits of using the Client’s Data Center vs. a Cloud Provider for GovPlace

Exploring how Medical Learning Networks can be Improved for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Describing the Causes of Value in Refineries for Compressor Controls Corporation

Improving the Client’s Sales for Prime Resource Group


My experience in working with the Hanging Steel team, including David Bridgeland, is that they’re working through layers of influence and mapping the flow and interactions of these layers to uncover the answer to the question, ‘where does value hide?’  The journey often takes some interesting twists and turns, and with patience it can help bridge functional influence to potential business impacts.

David Madsen, Vice President of Business Development for a Project Control Software Company Client

Hanging Steel partnered with us in 2012 in support of novel approaches for applying big data to solving difficult social issues such as forced migration. Having previously worked with J Smart, a computer scientist developing our big data technology, Hanging Steel provides rich modeling expertise. Some notable achievements include:

1. Publications: a major paper entitled “Measuring the Potential for Mass Displacement in Menacing Contexts” published as “The Editor’s Choice” in the International Journal of Refugee Studies, Oxford University in 2016.  The final section of the paper features an analysis of a model of forced migration in Somalia that Hanging Steel developed employing methods and concepts explained in the rest of the paper. 

2. Technical skill: Hanging Steel describes its work as “business modeling.” Yet, the team’s technical and conceptual skills transcend that narrow description. Hanging Steel has successfully worked on big data modeling for us about forced migration, healthcare, societal resiliency and other topics as well as on the big data technology itself.

3. Leadership: by their nature, the [university] big data projects require working in complex, multidisciplinary teams.  Hanging Steel’s modeling leadership often provides the core impulse for leading the entire project.   Smooth methods, light touch and authoritative technical skills command respect for Hanging Steel that enables quite disparate types of people to collaborate effectively in delivering results. 

Jeff Collmann, Ph.D., Research Professor for a Research University Client

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