Service Offerings

We provide customer-facing interactive models including:

Quantitative Value Analysis

How do your products affect value creation in your customer’s organization? Are you capturing all the ways value is affected? Which organizational functions realize the value?

Quantitative Value Modeling

How much value do your products create in your customer’s organization? How uncertain is the value? 

Value Simulator Development

Can your sales professionals estimate the value created by your products? Do they need a web application to support their work? 

Buyer Decision Support Development

Can buyers understand the value of your products without your help? Do they need a web application to explore the value?


We have cultivated expertise in:

Value Quantification

We excel in quantifying the value of your products, including the softer value that is typically not quantified.

Modeling and Simulation

We specialize in creating a simulation model of your customer’s business.

Model-driven Business Development

We are experts at using a simulation model to increase your sales.

Federal Sales

We have experience creating simulations for clients selling to the US government.


We are proud to use Minnetonka, our own open source package for business simulations:


Minnetonka is a Python package for business modeling and simulation created by Hanging Steel Productions.